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World Environment Day: Substitution of Wooden Pallets with recycled Plastic Pallets

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Group Photographs of Customers, Representatives from SON & NAFDAC and Management of Shongai Packaging at the Dinner

Shongai Packaging Industry Limited, a subsidiary of the Sona Group on the 21st of April 2018 at Radisson Blu Hotel, Ikeja Lagos Nigeria, held its first customers’ Meet. To foster company-customer relationship in order to advocate the usage of plastic pallets as well as enlighten the customers/consumers on the technology choice of the product and its food safety implications via its usage,

The company has, in the last six years, undertaken a big expansion with the introduction of plastic pallets being a major leap with all companies who had relied on wooden pallets made possible via a World-class Plastics Recycling Plant.

At the event, the first session was a press brief where the  Journalist were informed on the organization’s history prior to pallets production, the efficacy of the product, the target market, the price and ranking of the product and uniqueness of the technology involve in production process.

Kanwal answering questions from Journalist C. P. Sreedharan with  Journalist – AIT & Printers Digest Ajai Musaddi, speaking with Wazobia & Cool FM Radio

On the part of the technological advancement behind plastic pallet production, Mr Ajai Musaddi, Group Managing Director, Sona Group said, “our technology is the best technology because it is the Injection-moulding. Its advantage is that it makes a high precision quality and strength. Our pallet also covers various applications, we call it racking and non-racking. That is also a new technology for the Nigeria market.”“The environment and the economy are really both sides of the same coin. If we cannot sustain the environment, we cannot sustain ourselves. Shongai Packaging Industry has state of the art machines from Germany to manufacture plastic pallets of high quality and supplies to various customers including multinational companies, also export plastic pallets to Ghana, Ivory Coast, and Guinea.”

C. P. Sreedharan

“The pallets are a 100% virgin material”, Mr C. P. Sreedharan who is the Factory Manager reiterated during the highlights of the characteristics of the pallets. He further said the pallets are washable, termites free, hazard free, less breakable and a healthy choice for companies who are into foods and beverages production.

The second session also saw in attendance several actual and prospective customers at the dinner. Amongst the attendees, Mrs Margaret Eshiett, Director Business Support, Standard Organisation of Nigeria, (SON), who spoke on the government’s interest in such a sustainable path Shongai had towed.

“For us here in government, in the Presidency, we have the Department of Sustainable Development Goals, who is supposed to be reporting on its activities. How it is implementing some of those goals, and I think these are part of the products the government should also take note of.  How we are trying to conserve the resources, falling of trees in particular. The effect of what Shongai is doing, government cannot really do this alone, It’s now a Public-Private Sector. That is how the country is moving. For us in SON, we are very delighted about this.”

Center: A. K. Mirchandani

During an interview with Nigeria Packaging, Mr. A. K. Mirchandani, Chairman of Sona Group stated that this move by Shongai Packaging Industries Limited is geared towards alleviating unemployment in the country because Nigerians are hardworking.

“We have a very good team, especially Nigerians are very hardworking. When you see encouragement coming in, you feel like working more and more. I feel Nigerians should be self-sufficient. There is no reason Nigerians have to import. Jobs need to be created. We can create better jobs. You feel bad when you ask for ten applications, they send you a thousand.”

Center: Mrs Margaret Eshiett

In compendium, Alhaji Ahmed A. Omah, the Executive Director, Institute of Packaging Nigeria; First Vice President, African Packaging Organisation; and Board Member, World Packaging Organisation commended the efforts of Shongai Packaging Industries and encouraged businesses on long term investments to make a better choice so as to get return on the investments.

“Pallets made from plastic have become an in thing. For people that are in the manufacturing and people that are in this industry, if you compare the cost of getting wooden pallets, each time you use them, they don’t ever get back. Either they are damaged from the forklift or within a period of time the infestations from termites or insects will eat them up. If you take the alternative which is today plastic pallets, for a business that is investing on a long term, you’d be able to appreciate the return on the investment.”

Shongai Packaging Industry Limited was incorporated in 1977 but commenced production in 1981, initially conceived to produce plastic crates and beer labels for industries in the Sona Group. The company is located at Km 38, Lagos Abeokuta Expressway, Sango-Ota, Ogun State, shares same premises with former Sona Breweries, now Nigeria Breweries. The company prides itself as a leading Packaging Manufacturing Company in Nigeria with considerable amount of goodwill in the market place.