2017 Budget: Packaging, the Missing Link…

With great delight, we present our rebranded Nigeria Packaging Journal; Jan.-Feb. 2017. edition. It is important to let you know that starting from January 2017, NPJ formally a quarterly publication by Graphics Packaging Communications LLC for Institute of Packaging Nigeria is now Bi-Monthly.

There is no doubt that the current economic situation is not palatable to anyone. On one hand, the country is facing inflation due to Dollar rise and on the other hand economic recession.  At this critical junction, President Muhammadu Buhari, Nigeria President presented the 2017 Budget of Recovery and Growth to the National Assembly; with the main goal of bringing Nigeria out of recession.

According to Industry experts, this Budget would be a boost to the Industrial sector, especially domestic manufacturing capacity.  Hence, it will impact positively on the Packaging industry even though some challenges like lack of Packaging Industry Policy were yet to be addressed.

On the other hand, an anonymous industry operator said: “Please, go through the whole Budget and show me any portion of it that shows that this government understands the Packaging industry. Even our foreign exchange challenges were not addressed as you cannot get the Dollar at the official rate stipulated in the budget”.

In this edition, our Cover Story focuses on the 2017 Budget of Recovery and Growth. We also feature Interviews with:  Alhaji S. Dangote on the ‘Importance of Non-Oil Export towards the Development of Nigeria Economy’; Jimi Ogbobine on the Impact the 2017 Budget has on the Packaging industry. Industry News: BOBST Road show in Abidjan; Nigeria Packaging Industry rated World-class; Special Photo Report of NPJ Deputy Editor-in-Chief’s wedding and others stories.

Dear readers, NPJ Team formally welcome you to the New Year. We wish you have a very productive and prosperous 2017.