Institute Of Packaging Nigeria – Charting a New course in the Nigeria Packaging Industry

(IOPN) born to create excellence and value for packaging in Nigeria, with a vision to grow into a worldc l a s s i n s t i t u t e , o f f e r i n g professionalism, standards and economic value for packaging in Nigeria was inaugurated in 2006 by the World Packaging Organization and the International Trade Centre. A n o n – p r o f i t , n o n – g o v e r n m e n t a l association of packaging professionals, enthusiasts, packaging manufacturers and related industries including SMEs, universities and governmental organizations in Nigeria to promote the art & science of packaging in its entire ramification, collaborates with Government and organized private sectors in setting up and maintaining
coordinate Packaging standards in Nigeria. Like in most advance countries the packaging Institute is an agency of National Government and is fully supported by the Ministry-in- Charge of Commerce, Trade or Industry. With regards to this Mr Mike Adekola, IOPN president reveals that IOPN is already discussing with stake

holders in the Industry on the need to promulgate an act with the National Assembly to regulate the nigerian packaging sector, in other words IOPN will sponsor a bill to the National Assembly to give the Institute the legal backing to coordinate and regulate the packaging sector. The birth of IOPN was a result of a visit to Consol Glass, South Africa, in November, 2004 by Mr. Greg Udeh (then Technical Services Manager, Guinness Nigeria PLC) and Mr. John Bloom of Consol who met with Mr. & Mrs. Oakley of Institute of Packaging, South Africa (IPSA) on the Nigeria packaging issue following success of the birth of Institute of Packaging, Ghana, IOPG. Greg with the charge to promote the Nigerian Organization with the collaboration of a few concerned individuals and companies
birthed the Institute of Packaging Nigeria, incorporated in 2005 and inaugurated in 2006 , with the full support from International Trade Centre Geneva and WPO then in Sweden. With this birth, Nigeria packaging industry joined the World