Packaging Basic 101 (Live Hybrid with Industry Study Visits)

About the Course

The Executive Masters Certificate Course in Packaging Basics 101 (PB101) offered by the Nigeria Packaging Academy (NPA) and the Institute of Packaging Professionals Nigeria (IOPP-NG) gives students a clear understanding of how packaging materials and packaging products are manufactured. The student has a knowledge of the production procedures, printing methods, and laws and regulations that are most frequently employed. You can communicate with suppliers, clients, and co-workers more effectively once you have this knowledge.

The course comprises a complex, efficient blend of classroom instruction and field trips to packaging companies. The participants gain the experience and insight that comes with watching important packaging production processes, along with aim, and up-to-date factual knowledge.

The programme includes visits to manufacturing facilities where packaging materials are produced so s(he) may see the packaging production processes in action. The tutor uses an educational video impression to introduce each study visit in the classroom, ensuring that the key knowledge components are transferred. Every effort is taken to guarantee that the actual physical industry tours happen within the course, considering the various Corona precautions.

Classes are hybrid. With hybrid training at NPA, students can attend classes in person or watch them live online from anywhere in the world.

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The online learning environments for Packaging Academy supplement the teachings taught in the classroom. You can therefore replay the lessons (recordings of the sessions) and the supporting learning materials at any time and place besides the live classes and industrial study tours.

For Whom?

The training programme is designed for employees who desire to quickly add a basic knowledge of packaging and packaging materials to their existing competencies in order to perform their process support or management job better.

After completing the course, students will have a solid foundation for understanding and monitoring future advances in the vast subject of packaging.

Sales representatives, managers, marketers, buyers, and quality workers are a few examples of participants.


WEEK 1 Day 1: Morning

  • Definition of packaging
  • Vulnerabilities and functionalities
  • Supply Chain Insights
  • Market players
  • Packaging rules and regulations, food safety
  • Printing techniques
  • Overview of the most used packaging materials

WEEK 2 Day 2: Morning

  • Characteristics of paper and board
  • External influences moisture, light, time
  • Production and application of paper and board packaging
  • The production process of corrugated board, including a factory tour
  • Metal packaging and closures
  • Production and application of metal packaging
  • The production process of metal packaging, including a factory tour

WEEK 3 Day 3: Morning

  • Glass packaging; raw materials and melting process
  • Production and application of glass packaging
  • The production process of glass packaging, including a factory tour
  • Wooden crates, (F)IBC’s and pallets
  • The production process of pallets, including a factory tour

WEEK 3 Day 3: Afternoon

  • Basic structure of plastics, rigid and flexible plastic materials
  • Production and application of plastic packaging
  • The production process of flexible plastic packaging, including a factory tour
  • Case studies: How do you package a product? Which application does the packaging material have?


The course spans three weekends and 6-days. Lectures are held in the FAAN Training School, Transit Village, MM International Airport Ikeja, Lagos, as well as at several other places in Lagos.

Timetable from 09.30 Hrs to 16.30 Hrs WAT.

Lectures on Saturday 29 October and Saturday 5th and 12th November 2022 from 09:30 Hrs to 04:30 Hrs WAT (Lagos Time)

Costs IOPP-NG members: NGN100,000

Costs non-members: NGN150,000 ($200)


The classes are delivered using a Live Hybrid format, giving the students the option of attending the lesson in person or not.

All lessons will be recorded. They can be reviewed by the students from the 24/7 IOPP-NG and NPA online learning environment at any time. All course material is also available in the 24/7 online learning environment for study before, during or after the lessons.

The lessons are taught by live tutors, supported by the World Packaging Organisation (WPO), the Australia Institute of Packaging (AIP), the Institute of Packaging South Africa (IPSA), IOPP-NG and NPA E-Course Technical Teaching Assistant (ETEA). The tutor answers all student questions during and, if desired, after the lessons.

Assignment and Certificate

A final assignment is part of the PB101 curriculum. The 1st edition must be submitted before the start of the course, the improved edition must be submitted two weeks after the last lesson.

If this assignment is assessed as sufficient, the student receives the Executive Master Certificate in Packaging Basic endorsed jointly by WPO, IOPP-NG, NPA, IPSA, and AIP


We teach the PB101 in English, the teaching material is in English, and we give the lessons in easily accessible English.


Members of IOPP-NG pay NGN100,000 in fees. Non-members are charged NGN150,000 ($200).

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The tuition includes coffee/tea, lunch, and course materials, but excludes VAT, transport, and lodging costs.


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More information?

If you have questions or want more information, please get in touch with the registrar.

We can be reached via training@iopnigeria.org  or +234-(0)903 000 5903.