The Rise of African Made Products


The Rise of African Made Products - Bukky Asehinde



Bukky Asehinde; Founder, Bellafricana


You really don’t need to have been born 2 generations ago to understand that whatever is happening in the Nigerian Economy today is a generational thing.

I don’t really believe a “Made-in-Nigeria Campaign” for a moment will resolve the current situation, but I do believe “Made-in-Nigeria” should be a way of life.

Some are bothered about what should have been done, some about what could be done, but I am more interested in what will be done and what you can do!

 Question: How do you expect to save a dying tree by giving medicine to the leaves? 

 My answer: The root of the tree might make more sense to heal.

At Bellafricana, we are not in the business of waiting for the government to fix every hole in the economy. We believe in creating and innovating ideas to make our economy a better place.

Stop waiting around and complaining about the Government, get thinking and start making a change in your community. You and I are the future of this Nation, believe it or not.

You must agree with us that Nigeria is an import driven nation and if we are looking to diversify and become an export driven nation, it starts from MSMEs.

Catch them whilst their young in business, and join us on the journey to laud the creative works of Nigerians (Africans) going global.

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