Why employ a Specialist Print & Packaging Recruiter?

Marcus Doo, Managing Partner  Mood Group.

Marcus Doo is a Managing Partner at Mood Group, a specialist Head-hunting and Recruitment Agency to the Print, Packaging & Industrial Processing sectors.

As my father in law says….To attract you have to be attractive.


Here’s why, specialist recruiters are attractive and why you/your HR team should consider partnering and working alongside them. Can you answer YES to the below 3 x questions……


  1. Does your HR/recruitment team have experience and/or background in Print or Packaging?
  2. Do you or they, section time aside every day, to build relationships with all the top talent across the many varied Print & Packaging disciplines for that confidential or specialist technical position, that might need filling in the future?
  3. Does your HR/recruitment team work 24/7?


Your answer was probably no and if that’s the case, please read on…..


Successful captains of industry, seek trained professionals when it comes to Legal, Accounting or Tax matters. Why should it not be the same for your recruiting requirements? Professional head-hunters and recruiters can locate and secure you specialist talent in your sector, that is their profession. They can introduce and pave the way for them to join your organisation whom can help grow your sales or take your business into new markets with their skills, technical ability and wealth of knowledge. The recruiters fee is only due when that new talent joins your company.


Let a specialist recruiter take away your concerns and let us do what we love to do, allowing you time to get on with running your business and doing what you love to do.


Top 7 reasons to partner with a specialist head-hunter/recruiter.


  1. Market Knowledge:

Small boutique recruiters concentrate on building and maintaining relationships with valued clients and top candidates, now and for future assignments, as you never know what clients may require tomorrow. That’s what specialist recruiters are passionate about and they do, day in and day out and they love it, allowing you time to concentrate on your daily business.


  1. They speak your language:

Specialist recruitment teams have a wealth of contacts, networks and experience. They will sometimes collaborate for a challenging niche assignment. It is their passion and skill as their careers have all been in the Industry. That’s why they will already have a good understanding of your business. They should be ahead of the curve as they have a good understanding of what makes your business tick.


  1. Relationships:

They work every day with, the movers and shakers in your industry and know who might be passive but receptive to hearing about a highly confidential new opening. For the right challenge and fit they may be interested to move. Professional candidates understand and trust people from their industry and perhaps the only way you will get to know of them is through your specialist recruiter who takes time to get to know their wishes and desires.


  1. Top Talent:

Their unique data base only contains candidates from within your industry and their combined networks reach across many disciplines. They are skilled and read through thousands of CV’s a week and can handpick potential to present you with a premium shortlist, rather than you or your HR team having to do this. They are impartial and only focus on the best candidate fit for your business.


  1. Execute & Deliver:

They strive for excellence just like you and frequently broker relationships and bring like-minded people together. In special circumstances, they may suggest creative ways forward in order to fill gaps in your business which HR departments may not be aware of, if they do not have a similar Industry background. Specialist recruiters can also independently smooth the path for candidates looking to relocate or become expatriates. For some, this can be a daunting thought and the paperwork and documentation required alone, can sometimes be a huge task. Your specialist recruiter will have a good understanding and experience of what is required.


  1. Technology:

They talk to their clients and candidates at all hours of the day or night depending where they are in the world and what their requirements are. Alleviating concerns or issues that may occur during the process, especially in delicate negotiations. Your specialist recruiter doesn’t have to be sat at their desk or wait till after the weekend to handle any issues. Technology allows for anytime anywhere.


  1. Delivering you talent:

Your success is their success. It is usual that when a new member joins your team and reports for duty, do they request a fee. After-all its in your recruiter’s best interests to work tirelessly on your behalf, otherwise he will not be able to collect his fee. I would suggest your HR department would not pursue new talent in the same way or have the same motivations.


Partner with a specialist recruiter:

If you wish to appoint strategic key personnel or have a highly confidential assignment that requires professional discretion and diplomacy, then go find a specialist recruiter to your industry, and even better who understands your geographic location. They are out there just waiting to hear from you. Do what you love and let the specialist recruiters do what they love. In the long run, they will save you time and money.


They are passionate about their business, let them understand a bit more about yours, so they may speer head your recruitment campaign quickly. I recommend you take time to research before you select and work with a specialist recruiter. Only partner with a reputable, professional recruitment agency. Check around with your trusted colleagues who have had dealings with and can speak with authority, in their recommendations. After-all their website only shows a part of the product. Do some background checks before embarking on and signing new contracts together.


Go to a specialist recruiter who understands your business and has a running start at presenting you with top talent to keep your business profits growing.


About the Author:

Marcus Doo is a Managing Partner at Mood Group, a specialist Head-hunting and Recruitment Agency to the Print, Packaging & Industrial Processing sectors.

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