Entrepreneurial Success Comes Along with Responsibilities.

Jean-Pascal Bobst, Chief Executive Officer, Bobst Group SA, Mex, Switzerland

Jean-Pascal Bobst, CEO, Bobst Group SA

 In our industry, becoming a successful company relies both on technical innovation and on having strong corporate values. But success also comes with responsibilities.

Responsibility to Make the Difference

We have, of course, responsibilities towards our shareholders and stakeholders, but we also have a responsibility to make a difference, wherever we can, to the world in which we live. How do we meet these responsibilities? We do so by taking a holistic approach to the whole process of designing, manufacturing and supporting the equipment that our customers buy from us, so that we, our customers, and the end-users of the packaging, are all able to contribute to driving global development that is more sustainable.

When it comes to the equipment we manufacture, we continually look for opportunities to design it, or re-design it, so that it creates less process waste or uses less energy at our customers’ plants, while also removing, or ameliorating, any potential environmental risks that its use might create.

Our equipment is also designed to last, further reducing its environmental impact. Likewise, we look for opportunities to modify the impact that the packaging produced on our equipment has, such as ensuring our lines can process lighter-weight substrates, or by helping design packaging that contributes to reducing food wastage.

We take pride in the initiatives we undertake at our facilities around the world which reduce our own energy use and the carbon footprint of our manufacturing, while we also strive to rid our plants of potentially harmful chemicals and processes and to make the workplace as safe and positive a place as possible. And, of course, we do not live in isolation. Our companies across the world are part of communities, so we strive to not only be good neighbors, but also to make a positive impact on them by funding social initiatives and by facilitating community engagement by our staff.

Like the equipment we manufacture, BOBST is designed to last, to be sustainable. Our corporate values of Trust, Respect, Passion and Performance not only underpin this, they are also the same values that are needed to deliver, in a corporate context, the seventeen sustainable development goals adopted by the countries of the United Nations.

 Jean-Pascal Bobst, Chief Executive Officer, Bobst Group SA, Mex, Switzerland