Harness the Power of Air for All Your Packaging Needs

Sealed Air was the first packaging innovator to harness the incredible protective power of air with the invention of Bubble Wrap® more than 60 years ago. Our simple invention helped to user in a new era of global commerce, and now we’re doing it again.

Unlike original Bubble Wrap® that ships in pre-made bundles, the next generation of air protection technology is on demand. At the touch of a button, Sealed Airs NewAir I.B. Flex® inflatable cushioning system quickly inflates a roll of engineered film into the shapes and sizes required to meet any shipping need, providing everything from light surface protection to heavy-duty cushioning.

This technology speeds up pack times and drastically reduces inbound material shipments, as well as the amount of warehouse space needed to store packaging material. Dispensing max-inflated cushions on demand can decrease material use by as much as 50%, helping businesses control dimensional weight shipping rates.