How Nigerian products can compete in global market, by Buhler

In view of the need to maintain standards to meet required quality products for exports, Buhler, an overseas company with offices around the world, has recommended a number of measures on how the Nigerian manufacturers can play big in the international market.

Buhler, the company which is based in Ikeja, Lagos, Nigeria, stated this at the 3rd Annual mPAD and Manufacturing Expo 2016, in Lagos, adding that it has been operating in the country for several years.

“Our customers include feed mills and specialty-based product company. Our company services flour mills, creates four mills that process for feed and everything that has to do with milling,” it stated.

On the importance of the manufacturing Expo, Buhler said that the event “is the most important to meet new people, mostly new players in the market, new people that want to be introduced to the latest technology, so that they can also be profitable for the market in the future.”

According to the company, every product can be of the best quality, and this can be achieved through good packaging. At the beginning, it stated, the product has to be packaged well and the packaging also has to be scientific, besides having enough information on the product, not only the appeal.

On how Nigerian products can gain an unhindered access to global markets, Buhler said that the country should invest in the right technology for packaging, which will increase the tendency of selling the product over a long time as well as enhancing the export of the product to other African countries.