AfriStar Awards 2016 introduces new category, holds in Lagos

The awards ceremony for the African Packaging Organisation (APO) AfriStar Packaging Awards 2016, has been slated to hold at PROPAK West Africa, on Wednesday, 21 September, 2016, in Lagos.

These new packaging awards were first launched in 2014, when the awards ceremony was held in Nairobi. This awards programme is designed to showcase the very best of the African packaging industry.

The main criteria for packaging that wins awards and recognition in this competition are the excellent application and execution of packaging that demonstrates creative design, marketing, or technology applied to packaging produced in Africa.

Introducing a New Category – Save Food

In addition to the usual categories of market sectors and substrates, the AfriStar Awards 2016 will witness the introduction of a new category. According to the World Packaging Organisation (WPO), a quarter of the food that is currently lost and wasted would already be sufficient to feed the starving world population.

Amazingly, research has shown that about 1.3 billion tonnes of food is actually thrown away each year, either because it spoils due to incorrect storage or inappropriate transport methods, or because it no longer meets the standards of the trade and consumers.

Furthermore, a lot of food is left uneaten by consumers because, for example, the quantities purchased by them are too large. The AfriStar Awards intends to highlight where packaging can, and has made a difference to meet this challenge.

The judges will be looking for a packaging solution that significantly reduces food losses or wastage in the supply chain. Issues such as appropriateness, adequacy, convenience, feasibility and sustainability may all be relevant.

Meanwhile, online entry for the
details of the AfriStar Awards competition can be found on the website, and all entries and payments can be done on-line. Entries are now open and close on 30 June, 2016.

The entry process is very simple. You will need to provide a short motivation for your entry, good quality pictures of the packaging and empty pack samples to be couriered to the organisers for scrutiny by the judges. The judges are made up of an expert panel, selected for their specialist knowledge of packaging and of the packaging industry and markets in Africa.

The programme is an opportunity to promote your company. In view of this,
the APO AfriStar Packaging Awards is developing into a competition of considerable importance and prestige. This is an exciting and unique vehicle to promote your company throughout Africa and gain continent-wide exposure linking your company’s image to the best in the industry.

You can support this important awards programme through sponsorship and by doing so gain exposure with a strong link to packaging excellence and innovation to the wide audience of the African packaging industry. For more details contact the organisers or visit the website