Dow Introduces New Barrier Adhesive for Flexible Packaging

New technology expands the boundaries of recyclable packaging by increasing functionality

Dow ADCOTE Adhesive Snacks Pillow Pouch

As one of the leading materials solutions providers to the packaging industry, the Packaging & Specialty Plastics business of The Dow Chemical Company (NYSE: DOW) launches its latest innovation at Interpack 2017: a brand-new adhesive solution which will help to maximize resource efficiency, favorably influence packaging cost, enhance recyclability and optimize the shelf-life of food packaging. Dow’s innovative ADCOTETM L86-500 barrier adhesive enables the replacement of PET, metallized and aluminium-based packaging structures with an all-polyolefin solution which is easily recyclable in existing processes.

“Sustainability is increasingly important in the food and beverage industries, with all members of the value chain seeking to find innovative ways to promote recyclability whilst remaining cost competitive,” explained Jaroslaw Jelinek, EMEA Marketing Manager for Adhesives at Dow Packaging & Specialty Plastics. “With our latest innovation we meet the demand of flexible packaging industry players which are looking for more sustainable and effective medium barrier packaging.”

Keeping Food Fresh and Tasty with All-Polyolefin Packages

Dow ADCOTE Adhesive Snacks Pillow Pouch

Key enabler of the all-polyolefin package from Dow is the ADCOTETM L86-500 Barrier Adhesive. Designed for medium barrier applications, it can provide additional protection against oxygen and moisture. The adhesive can help enable the production of a packaging that is recyclable in standard recycling schemes, resource efficient and has the same shelf-life performance as PET-based packaging. First all-polyolefin packages enabled by the new adhesive are showcased at Interpack 2017 for aroma- and barrier-sensitive applications, such as coffee and cereal pouches, snack and dry pet food packs as well as wet wipes packages.

When used with selected existing barrier film products, our solution can help provide downgauging and layer simplification opportunities, whilst improving the flex-crack resistance of metallized or aluminium-containing structures. When replacing the PET with polyolefin, the amount of heat that could be applied at packaging lines in order to seal the pouch was decreased. Here, AFFINITY™ Polyolefin Elastomers from Dow were used as they can help enable sealing at lower temperatures, avoiding damage to the outside polypropylene layer, ensuring integrity of the package. Dow Introduces New Barrier Adhesive for Flexible Packaging

“There were several challenges along the way,” said Daniele Vinci, EMEA Application Technology Leader for Adhesives at Dow Packaging & Specialty Plastics. “Thanks to the comprehensive and combined material science knowledge that Dow has in polyethylene and polyurethane adhesives, we were able to overcome them and develop this exciting proposal to the packaging industry.”

Delivering Integrated Innovation for Food Packaging

Dow ADCOTE Adhesive Snacks Pillow Pouch

“Long awaited by the industry, the barrier adhesive novelty is the latest addition to Dow’s comprehensive product portfolio that can help ensure that food gets ‘Fresh to Table’”, explained Roberto Rigobello, Dow’s Marketing Director for Adhesives in EMEA. “’Fresh to Table’ stands for consumer packaging innovations which help meet the needs of a rapidly evolving society, as well as the increasing demand for material performance and functionality, sustainability, cost effectiveness, brand differentiation, shelf appeal and consumer convenience. It is our commitment to continue to deliver sustainable innovation to the packaging industry.”

Other Dow products for the packaging industry that are also featured in Dow’s Prototype Boutique at Interpack 2017 include: INNATE™ – bringing high abuse resistance for food packaging enhancement; AGILITY™ – to help run faster and lighter coatings; sealants such as AFFINITY™ to help run a faster packaging process with good packaging integrity; and MOR-FREE™ and ADCOTE™ adhesives – for efficient and reliable lamination.

Learn more about Dow’s innovation at Interpack 2017

The ADCOTETM L86-500 barrier adhesive innovation and the all-polyolefin packages from Dow will be highlighted in 15 minutes Pack Talks, taking place on May 4th at 14pm, on May 5th and May 8th at 11am in the Dow Prototype Boutique. In addition, the new adhesive will be part of the daily Pack Tours in the Dow Boutique that are scheduled for 16.30pm on May 4th, 5th, 8th and 9th – join us to find out more.

Dow’s Prototype Boutique at Interpack 2017 is located in the open space outside between Halls 9 and 17. The Dow Business Lounge offers an exclusive program to customers and is located in the Conference Center at the North Entrance.

Interpack 2017 is one of the largest global trade shows for the entire packaging industry, taking place in Dusseldorf, Germany, from May 4th to 10th, 2017.

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