Packaging Online Course: New and Improved e Learning System


Now, you can access IoPP’s online educational content like never before. IoPP’s new, state-of-the-art learning software is faster and easier to use, with upgraded web hosting and a streamlined interface.



Institute of Packaging Professionals

Take an online course to experience these improvements first-hand!

“What you’ll see will be well worth the wait,” says Jim George, IoPP Director of Education. “IoPP has a growing customer base from more than 50 countries for our online courses. We want to thank everyone for their patience during this transitional period into a new system.”


IoPP’s eLearning system houses two complete online courses covering the technical and business skills you need to stand out as a packaging professional:


Fundamentals of Packaging Technology Online Course

This Packaging 101 course breaks down every major area of packaging clearly and thoroughly. Learn about a specific material or process, or get a big-picture view of the industry as a whole.

  • The complete course includes 42 learning modules with more than 27 hours of content. There is no better way to prepare for the CPP exam!
  • Lesson bundles are grouped by topic. Get a discount and complete a bundle in as little as two hours!
  • Single lessons are available for purchase in any combination.
  • Also taught in person: The same curriculum restructured into four 2-1/2-day semesters, plus physical packaging samples for unique hands-on experience!

Sign up for the complete course and receive a free copy of the textbook, Fundamentals of Packaging Technology, 5th Edition. This peer-reviewed reference guide is a must-have for professionals in every area of packaging.

Packaging 360 Leadership Course

This advanced short course gives you a deeper understanding of packaging as an integrated system that supports business objectives.

  • The complete course has more than seven hours of content–including a bonus lesson that applies concepts learned throughout the course.
  • Five modules cover packaging convergence, supply chains, sustainability and more!

Jim George, IoPP Director of Education: “Our new e-Learning system enables IoPP staff to interact directly with our customers, from registration through course completion, to help you get your training completed more efficiently within your busy schedule.”

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